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Winter 1997

Class Time: Tue - Thu: 3:00 - 4:30 pm in G610 IOE Building.


Stéphane Lafortune
Office: 4219 EECS
Telephone: 763-0591
Office Hours: Tue - Thu: 1:45-3:00 pm or by appointment


Read the page Statement about Honor Code for important information about collaboration and the honor code.


No textbook is required. Relevant excerpts supplementing the class notes and the material on reserve (see below) will be distributed in class.


The following four books will be the main references for the class. They are on reserve in the Media Union. (Note that the books by Gazis and Sheffi are out of print...)

Problem Sets and Small Project

Nine problem sets will be assigned weekly until the end of March. A small project will be assigned near the end of the term. The scope of this project will be roughly equivalent to that of three problem sets. Details TBA. Some of the homework problems and possibly the project will require using the software package "INTEGRATION" for PCs available on CAEN. The dates of the problem sets and the project are as follows:


The material for the midterm exam will be up to and including the class of Tue. Feb. 25 and the first 6 problem sets (solutions given Thu. Feb. 27) - i.e., up to the spring break. The final exam will be comprehensive.

Course Syllabus

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