ECE 373 References

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We will refer to some portions of the following textbook.

It is available on-line from Lee and Seshia, who have apparently configured their website with an invalid security certificate.

Manuals and Datasheets

  1. AMBA APB Protocol Specification
  2. EECS 270 Verilog Combinational Logic Reference
  3. EECS 270 Verilog Sequential Logic Reference
  4. ARMv7 Architecture Reference Manual
  5. ARM Cortex-M3 Technical Reference Manual v2.1
  6. ARM and Thumb-2 Instruction Set Quick Reference Card
  7. ARM Architecture Procedure Call Standard (EABI)
  8. ARM Cortex-M3 Embedded Software Development (AN-179)
  9. Actel SmartFusion MSS User Guide
  10. Actel SmartFusion Analog User Guide
  11. Actel A2F Eval Kit User Guide
  12. CodeSourcery Getting Started
  13. GNU Assembler
  14. GNU Compiler
  15. GNU Linker
  16. GNU Debugger
  17. GNU Binary Utilities