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MESH Lessons

Lessons in the Michigan Embedded Systems Hub cover material ranging from printed circuit board (PCB) design to embedded software. Read the paragraphs below and sign up for any lesson that interests you.

Lessons can be taken out of order with exeption to PCB CAD part 2 which builds on material from PCB CAD Part 1.

Follow the links to sign up or download lesson material. Lesson material is used during the lessons but can also be used for reference later.

To attend a lesson you must sign up using the google form linked in the calendar.

Surface Mount and Thru Hole Soldering

The soldering lesson covers SMT and thru hole soldering. This lesson has some theoretical background but is largely a hands-on experience to apply solder paste, orient and place a surface mounted component, and re-flow on a hot plate. This Lesson will also cover thru hole soldering.

A basic knowledge of circuits (what is a capacitor?) is recommended, not required (we can cover what is necessary to know). Physics 240 and EECS 215 easily provide this knowledge.

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PCB CAD Workshops

This will be a two session class that covers the basics of PCB design. You can choose to learn about either Altium or KiCAD (or learn about both!). This workshop includes a quick presentation on some important concepts you might encounter when designing PCBs. Make sure you have completed Part 1 before you sign up for Part 2.

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