Michigan Embedded Systems Hub Staff

Alan Tondryk

Alan Tondryk is an ECE Master student on the Embedded Systems track. He finished his Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering in 2023. Throughout his years at Michigan, he's worked on many fascinating projects and labs. He's built his own PCBs, written multithreaded operating system code, developped level C drivers, and has worked on many robotics projects. He's now our go-to person for any Embedded Systems related questions!

Allan Zhao

Allan Zhao is an undergraduate majoring in Earth and Evironmental Sciences. He works as a consultant in a design lab for 3D printing on FDM printers. Despite his non-engineering background, he became immensely interested in 3D printers and spends a lot of his time printing things for fun. He joined MESH to learn more about SLA resin printing and now helps with the 3D printers.

Elise Xu

Elise Xu is a ECE SUGS student on the IC/VLSI track. She worked on the control systems for her high school robotics team, which sparked her interest in electronics. She likes to work with tiny things and hence the enjoyment in working with PCBs (so many tiny components!). She joined MESH in Fall 2021 as the university was slowly opening back up after the covid lockdowns. She teaches soldering lessons and PCB CAD lessons.

Natalie Do

Natalie Do is an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Engineering. She enjoys building keyboards and worked on electronics on her robotics team. This gave her experience with soldering and introduced her to PCB design. She teaches soldering and PCB CAD lessons.