Michigan Embedded Systems Hub Staff

Rachel Menge

Rachel is a graduate student in Computer Science, focusing on embedded systems. She took EECS 473 and loved learning different techniques to solder. She also teaches EECS 461 and loves watching YouTube videos, playing ultimate, or eating pesto pasta.

Ben Simpson

Ben is a graduate student studying Electrical and Computer Engineering with a focus on Embedded Systems. Ben joined the Michigan Embedded Systems Hub after taking EECS 473 in Fall 2017. His current research focuses include developing a device to help doctors insert epidural needles and using embedded systems and machine learning to help monitor air quality. His other interests include Internet of Things technologies, cybersecurity, and eating spicy food.

Tutu Ajayi

Tutu is a graduate student in the electrical and computer engineering program, focusing on cross-layer computer architecture research. In addition to graduate research, Tutu has experience working on driver software, Linux operating system and FPGAs. Other interests include squash and the outdoors.

Vincent LaRocca

Vincent is an undergradute senior in Computer Science and Engineering program, focusing on embedded systems and robotics. Vincent has been interested in software in robotics since middle school but eventually started to enjoy embedded systems and electronics when he first worked on an Arduino on his robotics team. While Vincent is definitely a technology geek, he also loves photography and traveling (having been to 49 of the 50 states). Vincent teaches our weekly lessons at MESH.