Lab Calendar

All labs sections will be held remotely for Winter 2021. See the following schedule for weekly home and open lab hours. Students assigned to a particular lab section (referred to as their "home lab") have priority in terms of help and the office hour queue.

Lab Assignments

Lab Kits

Lab kits can be picked up in EECS 2334. See Piazza for details. An inventory of all parts that should be in your lab kit are listed here: EECS 373 Winter 2021 Lab kits Inventory

Lab 1: Development Tools and GPIO

Lab 2: Assembly and ABI

Lab 3: Memory Mapped IO

Lab 4: Interrupts

Lab 5: Timers

Lab 6: Serial interfaces

Lab 7: ADCs and DAC

Final Project

Policies and Procedures:

Each lab may have one more of the following parts.

Lab Partners

Although we are working remotely, each student will work with a lab partner. We have found that in this lab environment it helps to share the workload and have someone to bounce ideas off of when debugging. Students from the same lab section can choose to work together or we will assign partners during the first week.

Lab Support

Labs will generally start with a Zoom meeting (see Piazza for links) to introduce the lab and answer any general questions. We will then start support via an electronic queue that you may have used in previous courses:

Be sure to include the following in the comment section of the queue:

  1. A Google meet link
  2. Indicate if it is your home lab with “home”

We will work our way through the queue. We may keep you in the queue and come back to your Google meet if your problem is taking more time than expected. We will generally give you something to try or explore. You may attend any home lab, but home lab students will have priority. As a non-home lab student, it may take considerable time to be helped so be patient and be sure to take advantage of your home lab hours. In addition to the home lab times, we will also provide general open lab support. Anyone can attend these periods with equal priority on a first come first serve basis. The open and home lab times are shown in the Google Calendar above. These support hours will generally be the same from week to week, but be sure to check for exceptions.

Lab Submissions:

Each lab consists of 3 lab parts: Pre-Lab, In-Lab, and Post-Lab, which will be submitted to Gradescope. It should be noted that each student has two Gradescopes. One for lecture related material (lecture worksheets, homework, exams, etc, and a second specifically for their lab section. Additionally, each lab section has different deadlines based on when their lab section meets. The goal is to stagger the deadlines so that lab support queues are short and efficient. See the following worksheet as an example schedule. Gradescope due dates should be followed in all cases.


Pre-labs consist of exercises to give students the background needed to complete the In-Lab. They are due before your home lab section begins and are completed and submitted individually. Not all labs have Pre-Lab components.


The In-Lab is a series of exercises working with the kits and instruments. Generally, there may be a guided section and then you are asked to apply your experience to something new. It is advisable to work with your partner on this part. Two people can often find a problem together much easier than one. You will be asked to demonstrate a particular part of the lab to as proof of your work. We will ask you to submit a video of the working demonstration. An example of a demonstration is posted here from one of our lab instructors showing you how to demonstrate part of lab 4a. This part is due 11:59pm the night before your next home lab section. One submission from both partners is all that is required.


The post-lab consists of some follow up from the In-Lab inexperience and generally consisting of questions based on results of observations from the In-Lab. This is due at 11:59pm the night before your next home lab section.

Late Policy

Lab assignments will be submitted to your Lab Section’s Gradescope on the due dates indicated. It is important that labs are completed on time to ensure students keep up with the class. Labs submitted up to 24 hours late will receive a 5% penalty. This reduced penalty in the first 24 hours is intended to accommodate minor errors and lapses that can cause students to be “a little late”. After 24 hours the late penalty is 10% per day up to a maximum of 5 days late in total. For example: an “in lab demo” that is due on Tuesday at 11:59, will receive a 5% penalty if submitted at or before 11:59 on Wednesday, the same lab submitted on or before Thursday at 11:59 will receive a total late penalty of 15%, submitted on Friday will receive a total of 25%, and submitted on Saturday will receive a 35% penalty. Student's with extenuating circumstances should contact the instructors before the homework is due.