EECS 373 Lecture Notes

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Topic Slides Print Examples Video Date
Course intro Lecture 1 Print version Course summary Video 6 Sep
ARM architecture, assembly, and ABI Lecture 2 Print version Examples Video 11 Sep
Toolchain, build process Lecture 3 Print version Examples Video 13 Sep
Toolchain, ABI, and MMIO Lecture 4 Print version Examples Video 18 Sep
MMIO and APB Lecture 5 Print version Examples Video 20 Sep
Midterm review Video 24 Sep
Interrupts Lecture 6 Print version Examples Video 25 Sep
Timers Lecture 7 Print version Video 2 Oct
Timers and Hazard Lecture 8 Print version Video 4 Oct
Serial buses ADCs, and DACs Lecture 9 Print version Examples Video 9 Oct
ADCs, DACs, and prototyping Lecture 10 Print version Examples Video 11 Oct
Prototyping, memory, and PCBs Lecture 11 Print version Video 18 Oct
PCBs, datasheets, and power Lecture 12 Print version Annotated datasheet Video 23 Oct
Power integrity and mechatronics Lecture 13 Print version Video 25 Oct
Interface circuits, DC-DC conversion, and wireless communication Lecture 14 Print version Video 30 Oct
In-class review Slides Print version Video 1 Nov
TA review Slides Video 1 Nov

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