Due to COVID-19, EECS 373 will be taught remotely this semester and we will adopt a modified lecture schedule consisting of synchronous and asynchronous components. The majority of lecture content will be delivered through pre-recorded modules, which can be viewed asynchronously. Each lecture module will be accompanied by a short Gradescope worksheet that will be graded pass or fail.

The synchronous component will consist of 1-hour long discussion sections that focus on reviewing lecture content, working through problems and examples, and will provide students the opportunity to ask questions and dive deeper into lecture material. There will be three discussion sections per week scheduled during the normal class time. Students can find their discussion section assignment here.

The goal of this approach is to maximize the quality of student-instructor interaction with dedicated discussion sections while giving students flexibility in viewing lecture content. The total time allocated for the lecture content & discussion section will remain ~3 hours a week. Similar to the in-person version of the course.

Lecture Schedule

Lecture Recording

Lecture Recording hosted by on Canvas in the Media Gallery

Lecture Slides