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Support Request

Please email help@eecs.umich.edu.

Weekday Phone Support

We can also be reached by phone during normal business hours. If, for any reason we do not answer, please try again a few minutes later! It's likely that we are working with another customer.

Name Location Phone Supported Services
Laura Fink 2917 CSE (734) 936-2978 Linux, Web, Email
Jacob Hayward 2917 CSE (734) 763-9351 Senior Applications Programmer
Kyle Banas 2917 CSE (734) 764-5543 Windows, Mac
Linda Randolph 4401 EECS (734) 764-3304 Mac, Mac Backups, Admin Software
Joel VanLaven 4401 EECS (734) 764-6570 Linux, Windows, Software Subscription
Don Winsor 4403 EECS (734) 764-8543 Linux, Linux Backups, Policy
Liz Zaenger 4403 EECS (734) 647-1822 Linux, Windows, Phorum
Dennis Holt 4316 EECS (734) 763-1483 Web Developer
Mike Stander 4316 EECS (734) 647-1748 Instructional Labs, Mac, Printers
Rob Giles 4316 EECS (734) 763-9296 Instructional Labs

After Hours Phone Number

If you require assistance outside of normal business hours and prefer phone support, you can contact us by calling (734) 763-6323. Please be sure to include your name, a phone number where you are reachable, and a brief description of the problem you are experiencing. We'll review your message and will respond as quickly as we can.