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Email Support

We are able to answer almost all questions and resolve most issues most easily through email. You will recieve a response from a DCO staff member who is knowledgeable in the appropriate area. During normal business hours, most emails will receive responses within an hour, and oftentimes sooner. Outside of normal business hours, the mailbox is checked regularly by DCO staff members, but non-urgent requests may not be responded to until regular business hours.

Please email

Weekday Phone Support

We can also be reached by phone during normal business hours. If, for any reason we do not answer, please try again a few minutes later! It's likely that we are working with another customer.

Name Location Phone Supported Services
Laura Fink 2917 CSE (734) 936-2978 Linux, Web, Email
Jacob Hayward 2917 CSE (734) 763-9351 Web Applications
George Kroslak 2917 CSE (734) 764-5543 Windows, Windows printing
James Perretta 2917 CSE N/A Autograders
Linda Randolph 4401 EECS (734) 764-3304 Mac, Mac Backups, Admin Software
Joel VanLaven 4401 EECS (734) 764-6570 Linux, Windows, Software Subscription
Don Winsor 4403 EECS (734) 764-8543 Linux, Linux Backups, Raspberry Pis, Policy
Liz Zaenger 4403 EECS (734) 647-1822 Linux, Windows, Phorum
Chris Puzzouli 4316 EECS (734) 763-1483 Web Applications
Bobbi Scheffer 4316 EECS (734) 647-1748 Instructional Labs, Macs, Mac printing
Rob Giles 4316 EECS (734) 763-9296 Instructional Labs

After Hours Phone Number

If you require assistance outside of normal business hours and prefer phone support, you can contact us by calling (734) 763-6323. Please be sure to include your name, a phone number where you are reachable, and a brief description of the problem you are experiencing. We'll review your message and will respond as quickly as we can.