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DCO provides a full range of network backup services for registered workstations, servers, and research machines connected to the DCO network.

CrashPlan Desktop Backup

The preferred backup option for most situations is the UM campus CrashPlan Desktop Backup service. CrashPlan provides full support for Windows and Mac desktop and laptop systems, and limited support for Linux systems.

DCO Servers

All public DCO servers are backed up over the network on a regular basis. This ensures that, when hardware or software failures occur, user files remain safe and downtime is minimized.

BackupPC service

To cover situations where CrashPlan is not appropriate, DCO also provides an on-campus backup service using the open source BackupPC system, with servers maintained by DCO. All machines registered with DCO and that have paid their $400 one time support fee are eligible to have up to 100GB of data backed up at no additional charge.