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DCO can administer and maintain your machine for you! This service is available to registered workstations and servers only.

Linux Workstations

We offer full administrative services to RedHat Enterprise, Fedora, and Ubuntu workstations (other Linux distributions on a case-by-case basis) including installation, updates, support, EECS account authentication, and user management.

DCO administered Linux workstations must be connected to the DCO Network.

Windows & Macintosh Workstations

Limited administration services are provided to Windows & Macintosh workstations. We offer installation and support services only. Windows and Mac machines also recieve automated backup services.


Full administrative services are available to Linux based (other operating systems on a case-by-case basis) servers. We also offer space in either of our climate-controlled machine rooms in the BBB or EECS buildings for these machines.

Please contact us for more information.