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We have partnered with CAEN and ITCS to provide a variety of high-end and professional software titles to the EECS community. This software is available to any computer registered with DCO.

Eligability Requirements

  • The machine MUST be registered and have paid the one-time support fee. If you are unsure if your machine has been registered, you can send us the hostname (, MAC address, or IP address and we'll verify eligibility for you.
  • The machine MUST be running a supported operating system (Windows, Mac OS, or a support distribution of Linux).

Additional Notes

  • In most cases, the workstation must be connected to the DCO Network in order for subscription software to run. This is due to licence server restrictions.
  • Many subscription applications have a finite limit on the number of concurrent users across the network. This limit is rarely reached, though it has occasionally occured with Matlab. If this becomes a problem, additional licences can be purchased.
  • Many of the software packages are restricted to academic (teaching or research) use only. Use in commercial activities (such as consulting) is generally not permitted. For more details, please contact us.
  • Software packages that support multiple plaforms often don't support all features on each platform. For example, only a small portion of Cadence tools are available on Windows.
  • Many vendors include a huge number of software packages, of which only the most commonly used are listed here.
  • This set of software is subject to change.


You understand the elegability requirements and notes above, you can request access to any of the software titles below by emailing You will need to provide the hostname of the machine you are using. On computers set up by DCO, the hostname is often printed on the machine itself.

Software Available for Enrolled Machines

Vendor Title OS Description
Agilent ADS Linux/Windows Microwave & RF circuit design suite
GoldenGate Linux RFIC Simulator
IC-CAP Linux/Windows Semiconductor device modeling
ANSYS Designer Linux/Windows electromagnetic design & analysis
HFSS Linux/Windows electromagnetic design & analysis
Maxwell Linux/Windows electromagnetic design & analysis
ANSYS Linux/Windows multiphysics solver
AutoDesk AutoCAD Windows 2D/3D CAD
Maya Linux/Windows/Mac 3D Animation
3D Studio Max Windows 3D Modeling, Animation, & Rendering
Cadence Allegro Windows PCB Design
Specman Linux functional verification
Comsol Multiphysics Linux/Windows/Mac multipyhsics solver, finite element analysis
Mentor Graphics IE3D Linux/Windows electromagnetic design & analysis
PADS Windows PCB tools
Expedition Windows PCB Design
ModelSim Linux/Windows
National Instruments LabView Linux/Windows/Mac data acquisistion and control
Synopsys Sentaurus Linux
Synplify Linux/Windows FPGA/ASIC auto place & route
IBM CPLEX Linux/Windows/Mac math modeling and optimization
AMPL AMPL Linux/Windows math modeling and optimization
Maplesoft Maple Linux/Windows/Mac symbolic math software
Wolfram Mathmatica Linux/Windows/Mac symbolic math software
MathWorks Matlab Linux/Windows/Mac symbolic math software
OriginLab Origin Windows Data Analysis and Visualization
TecPlot Focus Linux/Windows/Mac
360 Linux/Windows/Mac
RS Linux/Windows

Software Available for Home Use

If you use/manage a machine that is registered, you may also qualify to install a second copy of any software listed below for home use.