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DCO Wired Network

DCO provides wired network access to the EECS and Bob and Betty Beyster buildings as well as portions EPB, ERB 1, Gerstacker, and BIRB. This service is activated when workstations are registered and the one time registration and support fee is paid.

Wireless Network

CAEN provides wireless network access within most College of Engineering buildings, including EECS and Bob and Betty Beyster Building. Access is limited to students, faculty, and staff of the University of Michigan. Visitors requiring access can now use the MGuest Network by providing an email address.

More information is available on the CAEN Wireless page.

Please be aware that, for security reasons, many types of traffic are blocked on the CAEN Web Access network. To avoid this, we strongly recommend that all users connect to the WPA2 secure network 'CAEN' or utilize the university provided VPN client when using the 'CAEN Web Access' network.

Start Using MWireless

Please plan to use MWireless, the more secure Wi-Fi network, when on the University of Michigan Ann Arbor campus. MWireless is available to anyone with a valid UMICH uniqname and password. For help configuring your Wi-Fi enabled device(s), follow the instructions or view a brief video, the next time you are on campus.

Need Help?

If you have questions or need help configuring your Wi-Fi enabled device to use MWireless, please contact

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

ITCom provides virtual private network (VPN) access to all College of Engineering students, faculty, and staff. The VPN provides a secure way to connect to the UM network from off-campus or the wireless network.


  • The VPN provides an encrypted connection between your computer and the UM network, allowing secured transmission of data.
  • Once the connection is established, the VPN is immune to port blocking practiced by many broadband internet providers.
  • The VPN provides a UM IP address similar to the one that is provided on the wired network. This allows staff to access resources that are restricted to UM IP addresses from off-campus.

For more details, or to download the client, visit the ITCom VPN page.