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Printable Forms
  • Account Request (PDF)
    • To request an EECS account, complete this form, and bring it to the office.
    • Please ensure that you are elgible for an account before requesting one.
  • Machine Service Request (PDF)
    • To expedite service for a malfunctioning machine, complete the blue section of this form and bring it (along with the machine) to the office. DCO staff will help you complete the rest of the form.

Machine Support & Registration Request

Staff and students that would like to register a new machine should first speak with their lab/area secretary. Please note that you must complete a purchase request in the Online Purchasing System and check the box labeled "This is a server, workstation, laptop, printer, or tablet purchase request".

CSE Purchase Form
ECE Purchase Form

Create a brand new registration (elevated access only)

  • Department Owned Desktop, Laptop, or Server
    • All department owned machines must be registered with DCO prior to use.
    • A one-time $400 registration and support fee is required.
    • Includes DNS entry, network access, and DCO support for life of the machine.
    • Also includes software subscription and 100GB of automated network backup.
    • Please ensure that your selected hostname is available befor submission.
  • Department Owned Printer
    • All Department owned printers must be registered with DCO prior to use.
    • A one-time $104 registration fee is required.
    • Includes DNS entry and network access for the printer.
  • Other Department Owned Equipment
    • Other equipment, including but not limited to iPads or other tablets and smartphones. Contact DCO with questions.