Note: Schedule changes frequently - this is only a rough plan.

Week Topic Readings Slides Programming/Project
Jan. 03 L1 Introduction PDF
No Discussion
Jan. 08 L2 Message Passing & Shared Memory Unknown PDF
L3 Data-Level Parallelism Unknown PDF Project handout
Project Introduction Handout/slides in Canvas
Jan. 15 MLK - No Lecture
L4 GPUs Unknown PDF Unknown ZIP PDF
Intro to Xeon Phi PDF
Jan. 22 L5 Applications Unknown PDF
L6 Applications II Unknown PDF Project proposal due
Project Kick-off Meetings
Jan. 29 L7 Synchronization Unknown PDF
L8 Transactional Memory Unknown PDF
No Discussion PA1 Due (2/2)
Feb. 05 L9 Snooping Coherence Unknown PDF
L10 Snoop-based Multiprocessors Unknown PDF
Feb. 12 No Lecture Unknown
L11 Directory-based Coherence Unknown Milestone 1 report
L12 Coherence Optimizations Unknown PDF
Feb. 19 L13 Coherence Optimizations II Unknown PDF
Midterm Exam
Milestone 1 Meetings
Feb. 26 Winter Break - No Lecture
Winter Break - No Lecture
Winter Break - No Discussion
Mar. 05 No Lecture
L14 COMA & Memory Consistency Unknown PDF
No discussion
Mar. 12 L15 Sequential Consistency PDF PA2 Waypoint
L16 Relaxed Memory Consistency Unknown PDF
No discussion
Mar. 19 No Lecture Project Milestone 2 (3/20)
L17 Interconnects: Intro and Topology Unknown PDF
L18 Interconnects: Routing Unknown PDF Milestone 2 Meetings (3/22 & 3/23)
Mar. 26 No Lecture PA2 Due (3/26)
L19 Interconnects: Flow Control Unknown PDF
L20 Interconnects: Router uArch Unknown PDF
Apr. 02 L21 Machine Learning Accelerators I Unknown
L22 Machine Learning Accelerators II Unknown
No discussion
Apr. 09 L23 In-Memory Architectures I Unknown PDF
L24 In-Memory Architectures II Unknown PDF
No Discussion
Apr. 16 L25 Genomics Accelerators Unknown PDF
Apr. 24 Final Exam 4:00-6:00 PM Last name B-M: 1017 DOW, N-Z: 1005 DOW
Apr. 26 Project Poster Session (EECS atrium) 10:00 AM-12:00 PM Project reports due