Note: Schedule changes frequently - this is only a rough plan.

Week Topic Readings Slides Recording Programming/Project
Jan. 05 L1 Introduction PDF
No Discussion
Jan. 10 L2 Message Passing & Shared Memory Unknown PDF
L3 Message Passing & Shared Memory II Unknown PDF
Intro to Xeon Phi PDF Unknown
Jan. 17 MLK - No Lecture
L4 Data-Level Parallelism Unknown PDF
Project Introduction PDF
Jan. 24 L5 GPUs Unknown PDF
L6 Synchronization Unknown PDF
No Discussion
Jan. 31 L7 Transactional Memory Unknown PDF Project Proposal Due (1/31)
Lecture Cancelled Unknown
No Discussion PA1 Due (2/4)
Feb. 07 L8 Snooping Coherence Unknown PDF
L9 Snoop-based Multiprocessors Unknown PDF
Murphi PDF Unknown
Feb. 14 L10 Directory-based Coherence Unknown PDF
L11 Coherence Optimizations & COMA Unknown PDF
No Discussion
Feb. 21 Lecture Cancelled Unknown
Midterm Exam
No discussion
Mar. 07 L12 Memory Consistency I Unknown PDF
L13 Memory Consistency II Unknown PDF
No discussion
Mar. 14 L14 Release Consistency and Programming Language MCMs Unknown PDF
L15 Speculative Consistency, HSA, and Spandex Unknown PDF
No discussion PA2 Waypoint (3/18)
Mar. 21 L16 Advanced Topics in Coherence and Consistency Unknown PDF
L17 Formal Memory Consistency Verification Unknown PDF
No discussion Waypoint Meeting
Mar. 28 L18 Interconnects: Intro Unknown PDF
L19 Interconnects: Topology Unknown PDF
No discussion
Apr. 04 L20 Interconnects: Routing Unknown PDF
L21 Interconnects: Flow Control Unknown PDF
No discussion PA2 Due (4/08)
Apr. 11 L22 Interconnects: Router uArch Unknown PDF
L23 Applications Unknown PDF
No discussion
Apr. 18 Poster Presentation Unknown
Apr. 25 Final Exam