EECS 452: Digital Signal Processing Design Laboratory

Fall 2014 - Lecture in EECS 1311, Labs EECS 4341

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Lecture notes

TI support documents

C5515_algebra_ISRef.pdf -- C55x v3.x CPU Algebraic Instruction Set Reference Guide.
C5515_Mnuemonic_ISRef.pdf -- C55x v3.x CPU Mnemonic Instruction Set Reference Guide.
C55x_Assmbly_Lang_guide.pdf -- TMS320C55x Assembly Language Tools User's Guide.
C55x_Compiler_Opt_guide.pdf -- TMS320C55x Optimizing C/C++ Compiler User's Guide.
AIC3204.pdf -- Ultra Low Power Stereo Audio Codec, TLV320AIC3204.
LCD_Data_Sheet.pdf -- SSD1306 Advance Information.
C5515_FDK_Windows_guide.pdf -- TMS320C5515 Fingerprint Development Kit (FDK) Windows Program User's Guide.
TMS320C5515_FDK_Software_guide.pdf -- TMS320C5515 Fingerprint Development Kit (FDK) Software Guide User's Guide.
C5515_DSP_CPU_guide.pdf -- C55x v3.x CPU Reference Guide.
C5515_DSP_Lib_guide.pdf -- TMS320C55x DSP Library Programmers Reference.
C5515_DSP_System_guide.pdf -- C5515 DSP System User's Guide.
tms320c5515.pdf -- C5515 Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor.
usbstk5515_TechRef_RevA.pdf -- C5515 eZdspTM USB Stick Technical Reference.
usbstk5515_emif_guide.pdf -- C5515/14/05/04 DSP External Memory Interface (EMIF) User's Guide.
usbstk5515_i2s_guide.pdf -- C5515/14/05/04 DSP Inter-IC Sound (I2S) Bus User's Guide.
usbstk5515_rtc_guide.pdf -- C5515/14/05/04 DSP Real-Time Clock (RTC) User's Guide.
usbstk5515_sar_guide.pdf -- C5515/05/VC05 DSP Successive Approximation Register (SAR) Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) User's Guide.
C5515_gpio_guide.pdf -- C5515/14/05/04/VC05/VC04 DSP General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO).
C5515_i2c_guide.pdf -- C5515/14/05/04/VC05/VC04 DSP Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) Peripheral User's Guide.
C5515_MMC_SD_guide.pdf -- C5515/14/05/04/VC05/VC04 DSP Multimedia Card (MMC)/Secure Digital (SD) Card Controller Reference Guide.
usbstk5515_Schematics_RevA.pdf -- C5515 EZDSP MODULE.
usbstk5515_spi_guide.pdf -- C5515/14/05/04/VC05/VC04 DSP Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) User's Guide
usbstk5515_timer_watchdog_guide.pdf -- TMS320C5515/14/05/04/VC05/VC04 DSP Timer/Watchdog Timer User's Guide.
usbstk5515_uart_guide.pdf -- C5515/14/05/04/VC05/VC04 DSP Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) User's Guide.
usbstk5515_usb_guide.pdf -- C5515/14/05/04 DSP Universal Serial Bus 2.0 (USB) Controller User's Guide.
STK_LCD_user_guide.pdf -- C5515/05/VC05 DSP Liquid Crystal Display Controller (LCDC) User's Guide.
C5515_DMA_Controller_guide.pdf -- C5515/14/05/04 DSP Direct Memory Access (DMA) Controller.

Project proposal and final report template

  • Written project proposal template doc file.
  • Final project report template doc file
  • Self assessment report template doc file
  • Other handouts

    Note: many of the handouts below are dated and/or refer to older labs and lab set-ups. But certain groups will still find them useful for their projects.

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