Microprocessors and Toys:
An Introduction to Computing Systems

Engineering 100 (section 250), Winter 2015

Lecture notes (Brehob)

Lecture notes (Hildinger)

  • Lecture 1: Class intro and start on digital logic (pdf)
  • Lecture 2: Combinational logic and Verilog intro (pdf)
  • Lecture 3: Tri-states, registers and memories (pdf)
  • Lecture 4: Introduction to Finite State Machines (pdf)
  • Lecture 6: (pdf)
  • Lecture 7: (pdf)
  • Lecture 8: Assembly programming (pdf)
  • Lecture 9: Loops, functions and I/O devices (pdf)
    • Notes from short lecture on 2/23 (pdf)
  • slides
  • Lecture 10: Short lecture on audio (pdf)
  • Lecture 11: CMOS, gates and building circuits (pdf)
TC lecture notes will generally be posted immediately after class.
  • Lecture 1: Intro to Technical Communications (pdf)
    • Additional handout with examples of summaries and forewords (pdf)
  • Clear thinking: persuasion, proposals (pdf)
    • Sample proposal (useful for TC3!) (pdf)
  • Presentations and teamwork(pdf)
    • (Also a podcast of that talk, though directed to a different 100 section)
  • Progress reports and Plagiarism(pdf)
  • Organization and plain language(pdf)

Lab assignments

Technical communications assignments

Lab resources

General course resources


Mark Brehob
4632 Beyster

Erik Hildinger
323 GFL

Rhonda McCaffery
324 GLF

Michael Christen
2431 EECS

Austin Rovinski
2431 EECS

Matt Schulte
2431 EECS